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George H. Williams

Notes about Koha

Restrict patron circulation by borrower category and home library

Prevent staff from checking out or renewing items to borrowers with a specific borrower category except when that borrower is at their home library.

Add “action” buttons to the Koha home page

Add buttons to the Koha staff interface home page to give staff updates on needed actions and run reports.
(Very similar to Holds queue counter)

Add local branding to Koha staff interface

CSS to change the Koha staff interface colors to match your brand colors.

Steps to close a library

Steps to take in Koha to close a library.

Library contact sheet

How to create a table with contact information for all libraries in Koha and put it on the circulation page.

Holds queue counter

How to create a holds-queue counter to the home page that acts as a button to run a holds queue report.

Upcoming closures

How to create a table showing upcoming closures on the home page of the staff interface.

SQL Drill downs

How to create a link in one Koha report that will run a separate Koha report.

Changes to circulation rules - 21.05

These notes cover how I use jQuery and CSS to modify the circulation rules page to make it more managable.

Using GitHub to backup Koha things

These notes cover how I use GitHub for backing up system preferences, notes and slips templates, and saved SQL from Koha.

Tabbed content

Example for adding tabs to IntranetmainUserblock, IntranetCirculationHomeHTML, or IntranetReportsHomeHTML